How to Wrap A Vehicle

Wrap A Vehicle

When you want to use your work truck as a way of advertisement, you can do it in many different ways. You can get your vehicle painted with the graphics or you can use the magnetic sign for your vehicle. Another method that has the benefit of both the vehicle graphics and the magnetic sign is called the vehicle wrap. You can get your work trucks or work vans wrapped professionally also. There is a proper way of wrapping the vehicle. The best method is given below.

Vehicle Wrap Preparation

To wrap the vehicle, you have to get some things ready before you start the process. You are going to need certain items like the wax remover or cleaner in the form of an alcohol solution to clean the surface of the car. You are going to need the wrapping material. Wrap material is a really important thing in this process as you can wrap a vehicle with a regular color wrap or you can get your wrap printed to start advertising your business through your car. You should get the wrap printed as per your requirement before you start the wrapping process. You are also going to need a paper towel, a sharp blade, and a heat gun to fix the wrap on the vehicle.

Vehicle Graphics Precautions

Once you have arranged all the items required to for the vehicle wrap, you are going to take care of some aspects of the process so you can finish the process safely. You should bring gloves which will not be damaged by the heat or blade. You are going to heat the wrap and cut the wrap many times. Wearing eye protection can also help you finish the process smoothly. You should be careful when you are cleaning the car because any wax or grease on the surface can hinder the attachment of wrap to your vehicle.

Full process

Once you have got the environment ready and you have protected yourself by taking proper precautions, you should start by cleaning the surface with the alcohol. You should properly clean the surface so that the wrap can be properly attached to the car surface. After cleaning the surface, you should blow-dry the surface or you should dry the vehicle with the paper towel.

Most people use the dry method which is also called the standard film method to apply the wrap on the vehicle. In this method, the flat surface areas are covered at first which were completely dried before starting the wrapping process.

From the flat surface, the wrap should be adjusted towards the edges. It should be large enough to roll on the edges of the part of your vehicle.

Once you have covered all the edges there might be some wrinkles the surface of the wrap so you should apply some heat with the heat blower. Heat blower is important to remove the wrinkles on the surface of the wrap. It is also really important because it helps in covering the edges.

You can repeat this process with all the parts of the vehicle to cover all the areas. If you find this whole process of how to wrap a vehicle difficult, you can always contact a professional vehicle wrapping service like One Hour Signs, as they can help you with the whole process.