Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Wraps

vehicle wraps

Market your company, increase exposure, spread your contact information, and become a well-known local brand, just by driving around. That is what vehicle wraps really are. Can you think of any better way to market your company? Vehicle wraps are made of vinyl and are available from small spot graphics like your logo on the side of your vehicle to full wraps all around the vehicle to stand out. Your contact information will be visible as well. Potential customers take a picture of your vehicle and your contact info is on their phone. It is that easy. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about vehicle wraps.

Vehicle Wraps Are Advertising When Driving Around

Just by driving around your company name, contact information, logo and, more will be visible for potential clients. Nowadays, many customers like to buy from and support local businesses, but your potential clients need to know of your existence first before they can contact you. If you don’t have many customers yet, you can just park your mobile billboard in a popular spot to attract the eyes of prospects.

Stand out from the crowd

Upgrade your vehicle from a boring white van to a graphical piece of art. You don’t have to be an artist yourself. The graphical designers of One Hour Signs in Marietta, GA are among the best in the state. They can create excellent designs that will catch a lot of eyeballs.

Friendly advertising

You don’t annoy anyone with this style of advertisement. Annoying pop-ups on the internet can irritate and push away potential customers. Bothersome radio commercials take away time from listening to your favorite music on the radio. Reach your customers in a friendly manner. Customers don’t like the feeling of being forced. Vehicle wraps give the customer the chance to take action by himself.

Easy to remove and replace

Is it time for an update of your company info, color, logo, etc. after several years? Even full vehicle wraps are easily removed and replaced with a new wrap without causing any damage to the vehicle. The vehicle wraps Marietta from One Hour Signs are applied flawlessly and safely without harming the original paint in any way. Thus, an added benefit of our vehicle wraps is the maintained resale value of your vehicle. A benefit you lose when you do a paint job.

No recurring costs

Billboard advertisements, online advertisements, and radio commercials will only last during the contract period. Renewing these contracts every time will add up to large expenses over time. The vehicle wraps we make for you are your property and will last for many years.

Extra protection

The top-quality wraps from the industry leader in Marietta, GA protect the paint against tough weather and scratches like a protection layer. Maybe not the first thing you will think about but it is a nice additional benefit.

Many business owners already enjoy the benefits of our vehicle graphics, while driving around Marietta, Georgia. From roofers to plumbers and from HVAC companies to pest control, they all understand the importance of mobile advertisement. Contact One Hour Signs in Marietta, Georgia for more info or advice for your company.